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International Thought Leader on Brand Management

Brand Consulting

Organisations internationally have benefited from the advice provided. In depth knowledge of key frameworks critical to branding problems have helped organisations develop more effective brand strategies.

Rapidly appreciating the problem, working with the management teams to identify the drivers of brand success and then stimulating creative approaches to identify new ways of growing brands are the hallmarks of the service Leslie offers to his clients.

Analytical foundation combined with innovative ideas characterise the way more valuable brand strategies are identified.

Some examples of international brand consulting projects undertaken include:

  • Helping a broad ranged organisation reduce the number of brands in its portfolio then identify a brand architecture to link the brands to the corporation, yet depending on their characteristics, enable the most appropriate “loose-tight” association
  • Working with a diamond corporation to devise a new approach to branding its diamonds.
  • Developing a brand equity monitor for a financial services corporation, used to audit the health of its brand.
  • Helping a drinks group identify a stimulating and stretching brand vision.
  • Working with a firm marketing mortar and screed to devise a brand promise which motivated staff, attracted architects and was appealing to builders.
  • Enabling a newspaper group to understand the drivers of brand success internationally.
  • Helping an electrical appliances manufacturer identify new market opportunities into which it could stretch its brand.
  • Advising an organisation about how to enable its brand champions grow alignment and commitment of staff to its new brand promise.
  • Identifying the future challenges for brands in a sector and mapping opportunities for new ways of managing brands in the future.
  • Helping the management team of a financial services corporation devise their brand’s personality.
  • Contributing to the repositioning of a restaurant chain.
  • Providing insights to a consultancy about the ways of managing brand reputation.
  • Advising a consultancy developing Slovenia as a brand.
  • Helping an international financial services organisation define its global brand.
  • Assisting the senior management team of an internationally renowned orchestra devise their brand essence to enable them to communicate more effectively with their stakeholders.
  • Providing a report on the extent to which an organisation’s brand had been infringed by a competitor.

No one standard approach is used for any brand consultancy project. A process is devised for each project which best meets the client’s needs.

If you would like to take advantage of this experience and skill to build your brands please click here and Leslie will rapidly respond.

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There are over 5 hours of downloadable videos produced by Oxford Learning Lab which relate to Principles of Brand Management and also to Strategic Brand Management.

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From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation Creating Powerful Brands 3rd Edition

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Leslie taught me how to develop a brand using our company as a platform. It was hard work but we ended with a robust brand and a clearer idea of what to do.
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My company has used knowledge from Leslie to implement in our organisation with success.
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Leslie is also highly efficient in the way he organises his work and always delivers on time, a key consideration for those needing to bring in expert help to drive organisational capability in short time lines.
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Leslie's talent and energy is quite evident from the minute he walks into the room.
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