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International Thought Leader on Brand Management

Expert Witness

Brands create wealth for stakeholders and benefit society. When legally registered and carefully nurtured they are able to protect their intellectual property.

From time to time competitors transgress the notion of fair competition and develop brands which share remarkable similarities with a brand that has developed a competitive advantage. When discussions between the infringed and infringer are unable to resolve the problem of borrowing aspects of an existing brand, there is redress to legal action.

Professor Leslie de Chernatony has applied his core values of integrity, intellectual rigour and leading edge ideas to help organisations legally protect their brands. This involved commenting on specific branding issues which could be of relevance to court cases, providing branding advice about trademark registration and being an Expert Witness in court cases.

Examples of some of the legal projects he has worked on include:

  • Providing the brand input to help an organisation make a trademark registration
  • Prepare a report for a gaming company analysing whether its brand had infringed a competitor’s brand
  • The branding Expert Witness in the High Court Chancery Division case of Philips vs Remington. As part of the successful Remington team, showed from a branding perspective why there was not trademark infringement
  • Advised, from a branding perspective, a legal practice against a legal action for their packaging client, which was adopted.

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Leslie has both deep knowledge about the issues and a depth of practical experience in implementing and launching brand strategies.
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Prof Leslie de Chernatony was a person that opened a perspective on branding.
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His head is full of wonderful and stereotype-challenging cases.
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