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mobile: +44 7905 088927
email: [email protected]

International Thought Leader on Brand Management


Brands are intangible assets that delight customers, glue organisations, reward shareholders, enhance the profitability of distributors, give meaning to employees, stretch corporations and benefit society.

As one of the leading international thought leaders on brand management, passionate about growing the value of brands, Professor Leslie de Chernatony and his network of affiliates can work with you to:

  • Increase executives brand management skills through well conceived training
  • Present latest insights about brands at company conferences, workshops, trade events and industry conferences
  • Develop, grow, revive and sustain brand performance through insightful strategies
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Leslie is at the leading edge of brand development and management and a leading author in the field.
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Within five minutes Leslie managed to demonstrate how our assumptions concerning this marketing initiative were wrong and provide us with the right way to market.
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You may have a couple of branding gurus worldwide. Leslie is definitely one of them.
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His head is full of wonderful and stereotype-challenging cases.
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