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International Thought Leader on Brand Management


Oxford Learning Labs

There are over 5 hours of streamed videos produced by Oxford Learning Lab which relate to Principles of Brand Management and also to Strategic Brand Management.

Principles of Brand Management

The videos on Principles of Brand Management lay the foundation for understanding the role and nature of brands and more about these can be found in the book Creating Powerful Brands by Leslie de Chernatony, Malcolm McDonald and Elaine Wallace.

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Strategic Brand Management

The videos on Strategic Brand Management show a model of strategic brand planning and then the detail of how this is applied. This set of videos are explained in more detail in Leslie’s book, From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation.

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Interview: Brand Marketing in a Digitalized World

Challenges of Brand Marketing in a digitalized world

The video is a brief interview discussing the challenges Brand Marketing faces in a digital environment.

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From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation Creating Powerful Brands 3rd Edition

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He is notable for the energy and enthusiasm he brings to his sessions and regardless of the level of experience of the audience, there is always something for everyone to take away in terms of new learning, or ideas for improvements in their organisations.
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My company has used knowledge from Leslie to implement in our organisation with success.
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He is full of ideas, observations and enthusiasm.
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